Schuylkill Township
Environmental Advisory Council
MEETING DATE: October 23, 2018


EAC Members: Earl Cram, Michelle Garg, Harmonie Hawley, Mary Ellen Heisey, Tom Heisey, Steve Kunz, and Jonathan Meyers.

Board of Supervisors (BOS): M. Majewski, Fred Perry and J. Morrisson.

Meeting called to order at 7:01pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm.

  • EAC Meeting Summary Approval
    • The meeting summary of the September 2018 meeting was read and approved.
  • Announcements
    • Ms. Heisey announced the new township manager will start on October 29th.  The email contact information remains the same.
    • The EAC of the Clean-up planned for October 27 at 8am will be canceled due to weather conditions.
    • Ms. Heisey announced that Mr. Meyers arranged for Natural Lands Trust to perform a walk-through of the Pickering Preserve on Monday, October 29th at 2:30pm for review of the property for consultation of the integrated pest management plan.
    • Ms. Heisey announced that Founders Day at the Valley Forge Volunteer Fire company will be held on November 3rd at 11am.  Fred Perry is the honoree.
    • EAC will host Peg Friese from the Penn State Extension will present on the Spotted Lanternfly on November 8th at 7pm at the Township Building.  The EAC voted and approved a donation of $100 be made from the EAC budget.
    • Mr. Meyers announced he will attend the climate expo sponsored by the Haverford EAC at Haverford College on November 4th.
  • Public Attendance
    • None.
  •    EAC 2018
    • Green Festival Summary
      • Ms. Hawley reported a positive turn out.  Many individuals were interested in the spotted lantern fly handouts.  Ms. Cram received 6 new names for EAC volunteer opportunities.
    • Tree Planting at Freedoms Foundation Summary
      • Ms. Heisey’s volunteer group planted ~50 new trees (with deer guards).
    • Alternate EAC member status
      • Ms. Majewski announced the BOS approved and the paperwork will be submitted so that the alternates will officially start in January 2019.
    • Potters Pond Development storm water management
      • No updates.
    • Eric Schmidt Colonial Gardens discussion
      • EAC would like additional guidance from him for future opportunities.
    • Land and Water Conservation Fund
      • Mr. Meyers reviewed the Charlestown EAC emails. The EAC plans to send a letter of support to renew the HR502.
    • EAC 2019 miscellaneous
      • EAC voted and approved the draft meeting dates (every fourth Tuesday of the month) at 7pm.
      • EAC re-appointment of Michelle Garg, Mary Ellen Heisey and Earl Cram for 2019.
      • EAC voted and approved that Ms. Hawley and Ms. Guerrero as EAC alternates. EAC voted and approved the terms of alternates as Harmonie Hawley (term to expire 2021) and Karen Guerrero (term to expire 2022).  Both terms will officially start 2019.
      • Ms. Majewski mentioned the 1Q2019 newsletter deadline as TBD. The EAC may present on the spotted Lanternfly at the next Phoenixville Country Club meeting in March 2019
  • Reports/Updates on Ongoing Business
    • Bird Town
      • Ms. Heisey commented that Steve Saffier resigned from Bird Town and that the new handouts are difficult to obtain.
    • Clean-ups: Coastal Clean-up
      • See above under announcements.
    • Energy Planning
      •  Mr. Meyers reviewed the plan and how the economy will need to be re-designed to support this concept. He also mentioned that Sony and Facebook committed to renewable energy.
      • Mr. Meyers reviewed the commitment to renewable energy for East Bradford by 2050.  He will send the draft township plan to the EAC prior to review by the BOS and potential public input/presentation.
    • Name Unnamed Streams Project
      • Mr. Kunz announced that four more stream names were submitted the past month (of the 13 streams list).  The four names submitted were: Buckwalter Run, Wheatley Mine Run, Jug Hollow Run and Fishers Run. 
      • He also mentioned that the Fox Run stream name is dropped since it is already in the area.
    • Pickering Preserve
      • See above under guest speaker.
    • Rain Garden / Butterfly Garden
      • Ms. Heisey announced the signs were pulled prior to mowing the Rain Garden.  Ms. Majewski will request the signs also be saved from the Butterfly Garden.
    • Land use ordinances subcommittee
      • Mr. Morrisson announced the next subcommittee meeting is October 25th at 7pm at the Township building.
    • Spotted Lantern Fly
      • See above under announcements.
    • Treasurer’s report
      • No updates.
    • Valley Park   
      • Ms. Majewski announced the construction will start in the next 2 weeks.
  • Developments
    • Sedgley Farms (Reeves property)
      • No updates.
    • Proposed WaWa
      • Mr. Morrisson announced that the WaWa has 3 items to be determined by judge.
      • Ms. Majewski announced the zoning commission still has outstanding items.
  • New /Other Business
    • None.