Schuylkill Township
Environmental Advisory Council
MEETING DATE: May 22, 2018


EAC Members: Earl Cram, Michelle Garg, Harmonie Hawley, Mary Ellen Heisey, Tom Heisey, Steve Kunz, Jonathan Meyers, and Michael Roscoe.

Board of Supervisors (BOS): M. Majewski and F. Parry.

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

  • EAC Meeting Summary Approval
    • The meeting summary of the April 2018 meeting was read and approved.
  • Announcements
    • Ms. Heisey and Mr. Kunz announced the 5th Sedgley Farm hearing is on Friday, 25May2018 and a placeholder for 6th meeting on Thursday 31May2018.  Mr. Kunz will represent the EAC.
  • Public Participation
    • None.
  •   EAC 2018
    • Green Valleys Watershed seedling planting at PASD.
      • Ms. Heisey & Mr. Meyers represented the EAC at the seedling plantings. 450 trees were planted on Monday.  Tuesday was rained out. Rain date is TBD.
    • Un-named Streams presentation to the Charlestown Township EAC.
      • Ms. Heisey announced that Charlestown township has a new EAC.  They meet 6pm on the second Wednesday of the month. The EAC meetings are held at Great Valley HS library. Mr. Kunz and Mr. Heisey will present the project to the Charlestown Township EAC on 08Aug2018.
    • Senior Projects – Butterfly / Raingarden
      • Ms. Heisey announced the dates selected for maintenance of the gardens are 24, 25, 29, 31May and 01, 4, 5, 7, 9 June from 3-5 or 6.
  • Reports/Updates on Ongoing Business
    • Bird Town
      • No updates.
    • Clean-ups: Great American Clean-up
      • Mr. Cram announced the clean-up was successful and 3600 pounds of trash were removed from Pothouse Rd during the spring event.
      • Mr. Cram would like to perform another clean-up along a waterway or stream to meet the NOAA clean up incentive. Ms. Majewski mentioned that this meets one of the MS4 permits.
    • Energy Planning
    • Environmental Resources Inventory
      • Mr. Kunz is still waiting for website updates to post the PDF.
    • Name Unnamed Streams Project
      • Mr. Heisey announced that the presentation by Mr. Kunz and Ms. Bedford to the public held 15May2018 was received favorably without dispute or concerns. 
    • Pickering Preserve
      • Kestrel houses build will occur next year to prevent unwanted nesters.
    • Rain Garden / Butterfly Garden
      • See above under announcements.
    • Trails Committee
      • Mr. Roscoe will attend the final meeting on Friday, 25May2018.
    • Treasurer’s report
      • Mr. Heisey reported no activity.
    • Valley Park   
      • Ms. Majewski announced that we were awarded the $100000 county grant but were not awarded the $15,000 grant.  She expects to hear from the DCNR grant by the end of the summer.
  • Developments
    • Sedgley Farms (Reeves property)
      • Mr. Kunz announced he attended the last hearing and will attend the next one or two hearing(s), see above for dates. 
      • EAC executive session (F. Perry and M. Majewski left the room): Based on the information reviewed by the EAC at its own meetings, and additional information presented at the Public Hearings to date, Mr. Kunz does not recommend the EAC endorsement of the Tentative Plan.  The EAC supports his conclusion and unanimously voted to not endorse the Tentative Plan of the Sedgley Farms PRD Development. The EAC bases its decision on the lack of adequate environmental resource inventory and environmental impact assessment.
    • Proposed WaWa
      • No updates.  The 60d to contest passed on Monday, 21May2018.
  • New /Other Business
    • None