Schuylkill Township
Environmental Advisory Council
MEETING DATE: April 23, 2019


EAC Members: Michelle Garg, Karen Guerrero, Harmonie Hawley, Mary Ellen Heisey, Tom Heisey, Jonathan Meyers, and Steve Kunz.

Board of Supervisors (BOS): Martha Majewski and Jim Morrisson.

Meeting called to order at 7:01pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:41pm.

  • EAC Meeting Summary Approval
    • The meeting summary of the March 2019 meeting was read and approved.
  • Announcements
    • Ms. Heisey announced:
      • Volunteers requested for the Friends of Medal Honor Grove Clean up April 27th at 9am.
      • Drug Take Back Day 27April2019 @ Wegmans from 10-2.
      • EAC Network Conference: May 18th at the Skytop lodge from 7:30-3.
    • Ms. Majewski announced that the local annual shredder event from 8am until noon (or shredders are full) at CAT Pickering Campus on May 4th, 2019.
  • Public Attendance
    • None.
  •    Presentations
    • None.
  • EAC 2019
    • Mr. Meyers would like the director of French and Pickering Creek Conservation Trust, Pamela Brown, to present to the EAC at the June meeting.
  • Reports/Updates on Ongoing Business
    • Bird Town
      • No updates.
    • Clean-ups
      • Mr. Meyers would like to encourage the enforcement of litter fines due to the large amount of trash in our township. Ms. Majewski will review and let the EAC know what the township ordinance is. Mr. Meyers suggested increased fines, more road signs and communication in the township letter.
    • Energy Planning
      • Mr. Meyers reviewed the March Energy Expo.  Highlight of the expo was the panel discussion led by state rep Chrissy Houlahan.
      • Energy Code
        • Mr. Meyers inquired what is the township code.
      • Solar Panels
        • Mr. Meyers hasn’t received any quotes for re-use of the panels.  He would like to know if there is an option to post the panels on the proposed pole barn at the township property. The EAC voted to request the BOS investigate the opportunity to use solar to power the electricity for the barn, even if it needs to occur the next year since it is not included in this year’s budget.
      • Ms. Majewski announced that the township has started the process for PECO energy assessment of all township buildings.
      • Mr. Morrisson would like the EAC to review and report back the State and or National Green Building codes for BOS interpretation. Mr. Heisey will review the green building code for one of the next EAC meetings.
    • Land Use Ordinances Subcommittee
      • No updates.
    • Name Unnamed Streams Project
      • Mr. Kunz announced that the next voting session will occur on 06May2019 for approval of the proposed names.
    • Pickering Preserve
      • Ms. Majewski reviewed the police commissioner’s input about the complaint letter received from the Archer’s Association.  He commented that the tree steps are old and not a result of the Archer’s association.  He request that any hunting be done using tree stands without permanent damage and no tree steps.  Mr. Morrisson will follow up with the White Tail Deer Association for review and prevention of future damage.
      • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and mowing schedule sub-team – no mowing until after that area is reviewed by the Natural Lands Trust representative. 
      • Cooperative clean-up
        • Mr. Cram did more clean-up of the preserve and removed 40 pounds of trash. He asked if the EAC would consider participation from the adjacent property owners, YMCA.
    • Spotted Lantern Fly
      • Ms. Guerrero reviewed her concerns about the recent tree banding across 100 acres of PASD.  She and Ms. Garg will discuss/suggest options with the PASD on behalf of the EAC.
    • Storm Water Management
      • Ms. Hawley reviewed the storm water management information she emailed to the group after the last meeting.  She recommended that a handout be created for distribution to township residents and post to the updated township website and include in the township newsletter. Link to county conservation website that collects the.  Ms. Majewski stated that this will give township credits for MS4 permits.
    • Treasurer’s report
      • No updates.
    • Valley Park   
      • No updates.
  • Developments
    • Eagle’s Pointe at Sedgley Farms (Reeves property)
      • Mr. Kunz reviewed his BOS letter recommending the denial of the tentative plan. The EAC unanimously approved his letter.  Mr. Kunz will submit the letter by the end of this month.
    • Proposed WaWa
      • No updates.
  • New / Other Business
    • Next EAC meeting May 28th.