Schuylkill Township
Planning Commission
MEETING DATE: October 19, 2016

The Schuylkill Township Planning Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at the Township hall.  Members of the Planning Commission present were Mr. Jim Reading, Mr. Michael Bauer, Mr. Curt English, Mr. Morris Quigg and Mr. Eric Rahe. Mr. Reading chaired the meeting.   Also in attendance were Mrs. Barbara Cohen, Mrs. Martha Majewski, and Mr. Fred Parry from the Board of Supervisors, and Mr. Jerry O’Dell of the Environmental Advisory Council (“EAC”).

On motion by Mr. Bauer and seconded by Mr. Quigg, and passed, the Planning Commission approved the minutes of September 21, 2016.  The Phoenixville Regional Planning Commission discussion as shown on the agenda was moved to the October 19, 2016 meeting.

Schuylkill Township Multi-modal Map – On behalf of the EAC Trail Committee, Mrs. Majewski presented the background of the map project; starting about 4 years ago when the EAC was tasked with creating a township trail map showing points of interest on existing and planned trails.  The EAC became involved in other large projects and the trail committee was put on a back burner 3 years ago.  In early 2016, at a Phoenixville Region Planning Committee meeting, the subject of a region-wide, multi-modal map was discussed.  The concept was brought back to the EAC which concurred with the idea and revived the trail committee to update the Schuylkill Township 20-year old map.

Mrs. Majewski informed the Commission that the multi-modal map as presented today includes trails, sidewalks, bicycle routes and public transportation as well as points of interest in the township.  Mr. Rahe asked if the information was current; Mrs. Majewski responded it was with a few minor updates needed.  Mr. Rahe then questioned whether there would be expanded information on the points of interest indicated; Mrs. Majewski replied that could be investigated.  Mr. Bauer asked about the funding for the map; Mrs. Majewski said that the EAC is endeavoring to get all comments and edits completed so that only one submission to the township engineer would need to be made to hold down costs.  Mrs. Majewski added that the public transportation information on the map was obtained from the SEPTA website; the bicycle route information from PaDOT.  Mr. Parry commented that there was only one bike route, Route S, shown on the map and he believes there are others within the township.  Mrs. Majewski said that would be checked out.  Mrs. Majewski went on to explain the trails shown on the map are existing and proposed (those that are currently in the works and not just a wish list item).  Mr. Bauer asked if different trail type designations would be shown; Mrs. Majewski said currently the only designation would be either existing or proposed.  Mr. Morrisson advised that some sidewalks do not appear on the map and suggested using Chescoviews or the Sidewalk Feasibility Study maps to correct the omissions.  Mrs. Majewski asked the Planning Commission if they thought sidewalks in schools or business complexes should be shown on the map; the Planning Commission members thought that private sidewalks should not be included.  The following recommendations were made: 

  • try to identify historical POIs on the map;
  • investigate whether additional bicycle routes exist in the township;
  • check rumor of a possible trail connection from East Pikeland Township;
  • include the Schuylkill River Trail sections adjacent to the township;
  • include the Medal of Honor Grove trail(s);
  • show where trails and/or sidewalks connect outside of township boundaries;
  • confirm that existing sidewalks are all included on the map.

Mrs. Majewski advised that the next steps were to incorporate any updates needed, then present the map to the Board of Supervisors for review and comment before sending to Gilmore & Associates for execution.

There being no further business before the Planning Commission, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Madeline Harbison
Assistant Township Manager/Secretary

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, November 16, 2016