Schuylkill Township
Environmental Advisory Council
MEETING DATE: October 27, 2015

EAC Members:  Michelle Garg, Steve Kunz, Jerry O’Dell & Mary Ellen Heisey.
Board of Supervisors (BOS): Martha Majewski & Jim Morrisson
Public participation: Rebecca Bowser
Meeting called to order at 7:32pm. Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.

  1. EAC Meeting Summary Approval
    • The meeting summary of the September 2015 meeting was read and approved.  
  2. Announcements
    • Mr. O’Dell reminded EAC that the next two meeting dates are November 17th & December 15th
    • Mr. O’Dell announced that Founders Day is Nov 7th, 11:00am at 1:00 pm at the Phoenixville Country Club.
    • Ms. Heisey announced that the EAC was awarded the Bird on a Wire Award for work done on the Butterfly Garden. 
  3.      Reports/Updates on Ongoing Business
    • Medal of Honor Grove -
      • Mr. O’Dell announced that the EAC adopted and groomed the state of Maine at the grove on Oct 17th.
    • Bird Town -
      • Ms. Heisey will ask if a backyard workshop can be held on 02Apr2016.
    • Environmental Resources Inventory (ERI) -
      • Mr. Kunz announced that he received the updated maps from Gilmore & Associates.  The EAC will review that the all requested updates were added.
    • Great American Clean up -
      • Mr. O’Dell announced that it will be held on 30April2016 from10-noon on Valley Park Rd. 
    • Pickering Preserve -
      • Mr. O’Dell announced that Bill Ryan from the Stove Shop will have a new driveway on Rt 29. Bill asked Mr. O’Dell if we would like any of their trees form the planned driveway moved to the Preserve.  However, all the trees are not of quality for transplant.
      • Ms. Majewski announced the remaining award money ($3500) would be used for stepping stones and plant markers.
    • Trails -  
      • Mr. O’Dell attended the Freedom Trail feasibility meeting today, 27Oct2015.  The public meeting to review the trail will be in January. Mr. Morrisson expressed concerns that the trail will be close to the bald eagle nest.
      • Mr. O’Dell attended the sidewalk feasibility study committee meeting on 15Oct.  The public review meeting will be held in January.
    • Valley Park -
      • Mr. O’Dell attended the Valley Park meeting on 20Oct2015.  The next steps are to obtain the grants for the plan.
      • Mr. O’Dell announced that the BOS would like to initiate a Trolley Station Subcommittee.
    • 518 Springview Lane -
      • Mr. O’Dell announced that the EAC approved the homeowner’s proposed landscaping plan.
  4.     Developments
    • Nolen Property on Pawling’s Road -
      • Mr. Morrisson announced that the development plan was approved.  The township is looking into possibly purchasing the 11 acres as open space.
    • Pohlig Builders - Reeves Property/Planned Residential Development (PRDO) -
      • Not discussed.
    • Self-Storage unit – 305 Kimberton Rd.
      • Mr. Morrisson announced that BOS signed final plans last month. 
    • PASD-  
      • Mr. O’Dell announced that the tree clearing occurred.
    • The University of Valley Forge Conference Center- Harmony Village at Valley Forge-
      • Mr. Morrisson announced the developers will propose another development plan which may include a substantial amount of open space.
  5.     New Business 
    • EAC
      • Three of the 2016 EAC meeting dates conflict with the primaries and holidays. EAC to decide final dates at November meeting.
    • EAC terms expiring  on January 2016 -
      • E. Cram, M. Garg, M. Heisey, M. Roscoe.
    • 2016 Budget
      • EAC received $4,500 for the 2016 annual budget.
    • EAC Going Forward
      • EAC will extend that invitation to other Schuylkill Township commission members to attend an EAC meeting next year.
      • Mr. O’Dell will review the Penn State extension education seminars to determine if EAC can host any of these next year.
      • Ms. Heisey and Ms. Majewski would like signage for the township rain garden. Ms. Majewski will look for opportunities for funding.