Schuylkill Township
Environmental Advisory Council
MEETING DATE: October 24, 2017


EAC Members: Earl Cram, Michelle Garg, Mary Ellen Heisey, Tom Heisey, Steve Kunz, Jonathan Meyers, Jerry O’Dell and Mike Roscoe.

Board of Supervisors (BOS): Susan Guerette, Martha Majewski, Jim Morrisson, & Fred Perry

Also in attendance:  Mark Donovan (Township Planning Commission member).

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

  • Public Participation
    • None.
  • EAC Meeting Summary Approval
    • The meeting summary of the September 2017 meeting was read and approved.  
  • Announcements
    • Mr. O’Dell announced:
      • Pancake Breakfast will be held at VF Volunteer Fire Company on Nov 4th at 8am.
      • Founders’ Day:  Nov 4th 11:00am – 1:00pm, Phoenixville CC.
      • Adopt A Highway Cleanup:  Valley Park Road, on 18th November from 8:00 – 10:00 am.
      • Next conditional WaWa meeting on 26Oct2017.
    • Ms. Majewski announced that Mr. Sartor will review the 2018 MS4 permit requirements at the next BOS meeting on 01Nov2017 and invited the EAC to attend the meeting to become familiar with the new requirements.
  • Reports/Updates on Ongoing Business
  • Bird Town
    • Ms. Heisey, Mr. Meyers and Ms. Majewski attended the Green Festival on Sept 30th on behalf of the EAC. Some volunteer names were received to help with the EAC.  Several storm water management handouts were distributed to the attendees.
  • Environmental Resources Inventory
    • No updates.
  • Lighting Ordinance
    • Mr. Meyers will review the township lighting ordinance.
  • Pickering Preserve
    • Ms. Heisey is searching for volunteers to help maintain the butterfly garden. She may propose a reoccurring monthly meeting time so any volunteer can participate as availability permits.
    • Mr. O’Dell announced that the preserve was mowed last week, including the butterfly garden.
  • MOH Grove
    • Mr. O’Dell announced the eagle scout is refreshing the recipients’ plaques in Maine.
  • Great American Clean up
    • Mr. Cram announced that he received several email responses to assist with the Adopt a Highway event on 18th November.
  • Name Unnamed Streams Project
    • Mr. Heisey drafted the letter to neighboring townships/boroughs.  Mr. Perry recommended that Mr. Heisey present the plan to the regional planning commission at their next meeting. EAC agreed.
  • Trails Committee
    • Mr. Roscoe & Ms. Majewski attended the multimodal meeting on Friday, 29Sep2017.  Ms. Majewski will forward the minutes to the EAC.
  • Pickering Creek update
    • Mr. Kunz provided an update on the status to upgrade the creek to exceptional value. The environmental quality board decided at their Aug meeting to not upgrade to exceptional value status.
  • Valley Park
    • Mr. O’Dell announced that the Township mowed the property last week.
  • Native Plant List for Residence
    • Mr. Heisey will provide printed copy of the updated list for residents to pick up at the Township building until it is available on the updated Township website.
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Mr. Perry announced the 2018 proposed budget is preliminary approved by the BOS. Mr. Heisey stated the 2017 balance remains at $8,702 for 2017.
  • Developments
    • University of Valley Forge
      • Not discussed.
    • Nolen Property- Pawlings Road
      • Mr. O’Dell announced that the builder submitted new design for townhomes, instead of apartments.
        • Plan includes a trail, 32 homes.
        • 19 acres will be conserved as open space.
        • The proposed trees meet EAC recommendations.
        • BOS to advise if updated plan will be presented before the EAC.
        • Township manager will post the plan to a dropbox for EAC review.
    • Pohlig Builders - Reeves Property/Planned Residential Development (PRD)
      • No updates.
    • Chester County Intermediate Unit at the Technical College High School
      • No updates.
    • Jug Hollow
      • Plan for lot line adjustment for two properties will be reviewed at next EAC.
  • New Business
    • None