Schuylkill Township
Environmental Advisory Council
MEETING DATE: May 24, 2016

EAC Members: Michelle Garg, Mary Ellen Heisey, Tom Heisey, Steve Kunz, Jerry O’Dell & Mike Roscoe.
Board of Supervisors (BOS): Martha Majewski, Jim Morrisson & Fred Perry
Public Participation: None

Meeting called to order at 7:32pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:42pm.

  1. EAC Meeting Summary Approval
    • The meeting summary of the April 2016 meeting was read and approved.  
  2. Announcements
    • Mr. O’Dell announced the Schuylkill township supervisors and historical commission will host “It Happened Here” on June 9, 2016 from 7:30pm - 9pm.
    • Mr. O’Dell announced that the Medal of Honor grove will host an event commemorating 100years since WWI, 75 years since WWII and 50 years on 24Sept2016.
  3.  Public Participation
    • None.
  4.  Reports/Updates on Ongoing Business
    • Bird Town -
      • Ms. Heisey announced the Green Festival is on October 17, 2016 from 9-2.
    • Environmental Resources Inventory (ERI) -
      • On track to complete later this year.
    • Pickering Preserve -
      • Ms. Heisey and Ms. Majewski weeded the butterfly garden.  There is still more weeding to be done.
      • Ms. Majewski announced that the Girl Scout Troops, Junior 4254 and Brownies 410 will create some plant markers for the flowers in the Butterfly Garden.
      • Mr. Morrisson would like the EAC to determine what can be done with the invasive plants in the preserve.
    • Trails -  
      • Mr. Roscoe announced that the Trails Feasibility subcommittee met to review the updates of the multimodal trails to the township map on May16th. 
      • Mr. Morrisson reviewed the minutes from the May17th sidewalk feasibility committee.  The corrected report will be presented at the BOS meeting on June 1st.
      • Both the proposed sidewalk and trail maps are posted on the township website.
    • Valley Park -
      • Mr. O’Dell announced the township will spot spray the invasive phfragmites.
    • Chester County Master Watershed Steward training Program
      • No updates.
    • EAC stream naming objective
      • No updates.
    • Pickering Creek designation
      • No updates.
    • Medal of Honor Grove -
      • Mr. O’Dell stated the EAC completed the spring clean-up on 14May2016. 
    • Great American Cleanup -
      • Mr. O’Dell stated the EAC and volunteers were able to remove all trash along Valley Park Road from the township building to Valley Park during the April clean up.  The cleanup removed 940 pounds of trash from this section of road.  The EAC thanks the fire police for their support.  The BOS sent thank you letters to the volunteers.
      • Ms. Majewski sent a thank you letter to the employees of Exton based XL Catlin Company for their volunteer efforts to remove trash along Creek Road.
  5.     Developments
    • Nolen Property on Pawling’s Road
      • The BOS would still like to purchase the conservation easement property from the builder.
    • Pohlig Builders - Reeves Property/Planned Residential Development (PRDO)
      • No updates.
    • The University of Valley Forge Conference Center- Harmony Village at Valley Forge
      • No updates.
  6.     EAC: New Business
    • Mr. Morrisson requested Mr. Kunz send him the requested updates to the zoning ordinance for the next zoning meeting to review.