Schuylkill Township
Environmental Advisory Council
MEETING DATE: July 28, 2015

EAC Members:  Earl Cram, Michelle Garg, Mary Ellen Heisey, Steve Kunz, Mike Roscoe, & Jerry O’Dell.
Board of Supervisors (BOS): Martha Majewski, Jim Morrison and Fred Perry.
Also in attendance: Lisa Tull
Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. Meeting adjourned at 9:21pm.

  1. EAC Meeting Summary Approval
    • The meeting summary of the June 2015 meeting was read and approved.  
  2. Announcements
    • Mr. O’Dell announced that Chester County completed the mosquito spraying of Phoenixville Borough and Schuylkill Township on July 16th. 
    • Mr. Morrison announced that the Devault trail committee may propose to purchase 1 acre near Pothouse and Charlestown Roads intersection and turn it into a trail head.
    • Mr. Morrison announced that Gray bothers will develop a bio fuel plant just across the border of the Township adjacent to Phoenixville Borough's 2nd street sewage plant.
  3.    Public Participation
    • Lisa Tull attended to discuss the mowing schedule of Pickering Preserve.
      • Lisa announced that prior to spring 2015 cutting of Pickering Preserve, she heard and saw woodcock and snipe birds.
      • Lisa consulted with Dan Mummert.  He suggested that the Preserve be split into three manageable units with one section mowed per year (alternating sections per year) to maintain this bird’s habitat.
      • Mr. O’Dell informed Lisa that the mow schedule was planned to reduce or eliminate invasive species and Canadian thistle.
  4.   Presentation & Discussion
    • The University of Valley Forge Conference Center- Harmony Village at Valley Forge.
      •  Mr. O’Dell attended the planning commission meeting last week. He announced that the property may be sold to develop a retirement community called Harmony Village at Valley Forge.  UVF is 47 acres. The plan would preserve 21 acres. 
  5.    Reports/Updates on Ongoing Business
    • Bird Town
      • No updates. 
    • Environmental Resources Inventory (ERI)
      • Mr. Kunz announced that completion of the ERI requires additional budget. The next step is to meet with Mary Bird and Gilmore and Assoc. on Friday.  They will review outstanding items and determine how to get these items funded and completed.
    • Pickering Preserve -
      • Ms. Majewski announced the PECO grant butterfly release will occur on Aug 1st, from 9:30-11:30. A community bench and descriptive sign were added to the garden.
      • Ms. Heisey announced the remaining 500 plants will be installed on 22Aug at 8am.
    • Rain Garden -
      • Not discussed.
    • Stormwater -
      • Not discussed.
    • Trails -  
      • No updates.
    • Valley Park -
      • Ms. Majewski announced the township won a $15k grant to prepare shovel-ready engineering plans for the park. This will enable development of the BOS and public approved design. Additional funding is needed to implement the design.
    • Township building landscape -
      • Mr. Morrison announced that the weeds were pulled at township building today. 
  6.     Developments
    • Nolen Property on Pawling’s Road -
      • Mr. Morrisson announced that Nolen had the 19 acres of open space appraised by an independent appraiser for $1.2 million.  However, after discussion with Nolen and the appraiser, the value decreased to $220,000.  The township may consider purchasing the 19 acres as open space.
    • Pohlig Builders - Reeves Property/Planned Residential Development (PRDO) -
      • No updates.
    • Self-Storage unit – 305 Kimberton Rd.
      • No updates.
    • PASD-  
      • Mr. Morrisson announced soils tests identified the pollution of mercury in the soil, in addition to the already identified arsenic.  
    • Reeves Property-
      • No updates.
    • Inks and Coating-
      • No updates.
  7. New Business 
    • Community Magazine
      • 2015 Article deadlines: fall 08/07, winter 10/19.
    • 2016 Budget
      • Annual budget due end of Aug
        • Ms. Majewski would like the EAC to consider including the Penn State extension environmental educational seminars as part of the 2016 EAC the budget.
    • EAC Going Forward
      • EAC members discussed the possibility of updating the Township Code EAC purpose statement (chapter 18, paragraph 18-2) and/or developing an independent mission statement to include education as one of the EAC primary objectives.  Creating a listing of past EAC accomplishments was also considered.