Schuylkill Township
Environmental Advisory Council
MEETING DATE: January 23, 2018

EAC Members: Earl Cram, Michelle Garg, Mary Ellen Heisey, Tom Heisey, Steve Kunz, Jonathan Meyers

Board of Supervisors (BOS): M. Majewski

Meeting called to order at 7:32pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm.

  • Public Participation
    • Judy Gelinas, Sandy Morris, Randy Hove
  • EAC Meeting Summary Approval
    • The meeting summary of the November 2017 meeting was read and approved.  
  • Announcements
    • Ms. Heisey announced the Bowman’s Hill Land Ethics Symposium being held at Delaware Valley University on Thursday 15Mar2018.  Early bird fee is $149. Event is day long.
    • Ms. Heisey announced the EAC Network Conference is on 14April2018 at Desmond in Frazer.
  • Public
    • Judy Gelinas, Sandy Morris, Randy Hove discussed the CCIU (Chester County Intermediate Unit) discussed with the EAC the plans to sell portion of their property (~30acres) to develop it into a 146 unit high density housing off Buckwalter Rd. The sale is pending re-zoning approval. It is currently approved for commercial zone, but doesn’t support level of planned housing density. Pulte homes are the developer.  Development access may begin at Charlestown Rd or Buckwalter Rd.
  • Reports/Updates on Ongoing Business
  • Bird Town
    • Ms. Heisey presented again to the Green Team (3rd graders) at Manavon Elementary School for the Backyard Bird Count on 18Jan2018.  It is the 16Feb to 19Feb2018.
    • Ms. Heisey may also present the Backyard Bird Count to PAHS Environmental Club.
  • Clean-ups: Great American Clean-up & Adopt-A-Highway
    • Mr. Cram announced that the adopt a highway sign is placed on the wrong road in the wrong township (Charlestown Township).  He requested it be re-located, but it will remain at current location.
  • Energy Planning
    • Mr. Meyers announced a group informally known as Chester County Clean Energy Leaders which includes but is not restricted to Phoenixville, Downingtown and West Chester are already committed to clean energy initiatives. This group sent a letter to Chester County planning to request a full-time employee to support this initiative in the county. He would like the EAC to review the request for the BOS support of this initiative in Schuylkill Township. He will forward the clean energy resolution to the team for review.
  • Environmental Resources Inventory
    • No updates.
  • Green Valley Watershed Assoc workshop
    • Mr. Meyers attended this workshop in December.
  • Name Unnamed Streams Project
    • Mr. Heisey and Mr. Kunz presented to the public.  The presentation was well received. The public requested some corrections to the draft letter to Charlestown township and Phoenixville Borough. One correction recommended is that the name “Fox Run” is already in Chester County.
    • Mr. Kunz is preparing the draft online submissions to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names which needs supporting evidence for the proposed names.
  • Pickering Preserve
    • Ms. Majewski inquired if anyone requested Nick (roadmaster) to mow after the freeze. She will request mowing before spring.
  • Butterfly Garden
    • No updates
  • Trails Committee
    • Ms.  Majewski announced that the next MultiModal meeting will occur on 02Feb2018 at the township building from 11-12.
    • Ms. Majewski announced that the street signs for the bicycle “S” route officially changed.  The maps are incorrect, but the street signs are correct.
  • Native Plant List for Residence
    • Mr. Heisey will provide printed copy of the updated list for residents to pick up at the Township building until it is available on the updated Township website.
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Mr. Heisey stated the EAC used a total of $589.40 of the EAC 2017 budget.
  • Valley Park
    • Ms. Heisey will send to Township secretary the EAC letter of support.
  • Developments
    • Nolen Property- Pawlings Road Townhouse Plan
      • Ms. Majewski announced the plan was approved by the BOS. Item to be removed from the agenda.
    • WaWa
      • Next continuance meeting is 30Jan2018 at the township building.
  • EAC 2018
    • EAC member re-appointments
      • Ms. Heisey announced the BOS approval to re-appointment of Tom Heisey and assign Jonathan Meyers to fulltime associate.
    • EAC assignments
      • Ms. Heisey announced the updated EAC assignments: Ms. Heisey as the EAC Chair for 2018, Mr. Kunz as Vice-Chair, Ms. Garg as Secretary, Mr. Heisey as Treasurer.
  • New items
    • Quarterly Township Newsletter Article deadline and publish dates
      • April 13th deadline for May 19th publication
      • Aug 3rd deadline for Sep 8th publication
      • Oct 19th deadline for Nov 25th publication
    • Quarterly Township Program for March 22nd (Ms. Majewski will confirm the date)
      • Mr. Heisey will reach out to Kelly Sitch if he is available.
    • Senior Project for Phoenixville HS student
      • Ms. Heisey will reply with some options (VFP, Environmental club, Butterfly garden) for the project.