Schuylkill Township
Environmental Advisory Council
MEETING DATE: August 25, 2015

EAC Members:  Earl Cram, Michelle Garg, Mary Ellen Heisey, Steve Kunz, Mike Roscoe, & Jerry O’Dell.
Board of Supervisors (BOS): Martha Majewski
Public participation: Mr. and Mrs. Ebenezer Newman
Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. Meeting adjourned at 9:27pm.

  1. EAC Meeting Summary Approval
    • The meeting summary of the July 2015 meeting was read and approved.  
  2. Announcements
    • Mr. O’Dell will attend the Stroud Riparian Buffer seminar on 24Sep.
    • Mr. O’Dell announced that Chester County completed the mosquito spraying of Phoenixville Borough and Schuylkill Township on August 24th. 
  3.    Public Participation
    • Mr. Ebenezer Newman, 518 Springview Lane, would like input from the EAC concerning his property maintenance near possible existing wetland. He provided photos of previous home’s landscaping. VFW HOA told the owners that they can clean up trash and debris.  President of the HOA made the owners stop clearing the property on Saturday, 22Aug.  The HOA is managed by Penn Co. The township zoning inspector inspected the site today.  The township inspector, Mark Faulkner and Zoning Administration Officer, Kim Yocum, recommended the owners to consult the EAC.  The owners would like to plant more trees and plants in the cleared area.  EAC recommended the use of native plants for the area and provided the owners with some native plant handouts available at the township building.  The homeowners would like to continue clearing the area. EAC to walk the site on Friday at 10am.
  4.   Presentation & Discussion
    • The University of Valley Forge Conference Center- Harmony Village at Valley Forge.
      • Mr. O’Dell reviewed the Concept Plan presented at July Planning Commission meeting.
      • Mr. O’Dell will draft a letter addressed to the BOS regarding EAC position on Concept Plan. EAC members will review and provide comments prior to next BOS meeting so the letter can be submitted prior to the next BOS meeting.
  5.    Reports/Updates on Ongoing Business
    • Bird Town
      • No updates. 
    • Environmental Resources Inventory (ERI)
      • Mr. Kunz announced that Gilmore and Associates needs no more than $2650 to complete the requested map updates.  The EAC agreed to use what remains in the EAC budget this year and request additional funding for 2016 to complete the ERI.
    • Pickering Preserve -
      • Ms. Majewski announced the PECO grant butterfly release occurred on Aug 1st, from 9:30-11:30 and approximately 35-45 residents were in attendance.
      • Ms. Heisey announced that the remaining 500 plants were planted on 22Aug at 8am.
      • A final grant summary report is due to PECO by the end of June2016.
    • Rain Garden -
      • Not discussed.
    • Stormwater -
      • Not discussed.
    • Trails -  
      • Mr. Roscoe announced that he attended last month’s Freedom Trail Feasibility meeting and provided the EAC with copies of the minutes and maps. He reviewed the proposed trail map and pedestrian bridge designed for the route 23 Pickering Damn.
      • Mr. Roscoe announced that the next DeVault Trail meeting will be open to the public for comment and will be held on September 1st
      • Mr. O’Dell attended the last Sidewalk Feasibility meeting and reviewed the proposed location with the EAC.
    • Valley Park -
      • Mr. O’Dell announced that he will meet with the township road master to discuss tree work and landscaping maintenance items for the 2016 budget.
  6.     Developments
    • Nolen Property on Pawling’s Road -
      • No updates.
    • Pohlig Builders - Reeves Property/Planned Residential Development (PRDO) -
      • No updates.
    • Self-Storage unit – 305 Kimberton Rd.
      • No updates.
    • PASD-  
      • No updates.  
    • American Inks and Coating-
      • No updates.
  7. New Business 
    • Community Magazine
      • 2015 Article deadlines: winter 10/19.
    • 2016 Budget
      • Annual budget due end of Aug
    • EAC Going Forward
      • Postponed to next month’s meeting.