The Schuylkill Township Historical Commission will be participating in two historic surveys for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The surveys include:

  1. Pennsylvania Historic School Survey
  2. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission is undertaking a survey to identify historic 20th century public school statewide.  When the survey is completed it will contribute to the preparation of the statewide historic context for public education in PA.  Historical Commission members Joanne Brown and Sandy Momyer are collecting this data and will include all schools in Schuylkill Township for a complete history of the schools for our records.

    If you live in a historic school or have information regarding any public school in Schuylkill Township please contact them at the Schuylkill Township office at 610-933-5843.

  3. Pennsylvania Barn Survey
  4. In October 2005, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate unanimously passed resolutions recognizing the importance of the state’s historic barns and called for a statewide inventory of these significant structures.  The survey will be conducted by the state Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.  The Center for Rural Pennsylvania is assisting the inventory.

    Historical Commission members Glen Hawkins and Pamela Applegate-Frasch are working with the survey for our Township.  It will be a useful document for our records.

    If you have a barn on your property – whether used as a barn or an adaptive reuse – please contact Hawkins or Applegate-Frasch at the Schuylkill Township office 610 933-5843.  We need your name, address, style or architecture of barn and if barn is used now for farming operations.  (This information will assist the state in promotion of Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry past and present.  However, your personal information will be confidential.)